Reporting Back to the Community Fall 2019 Presentations

Dr. Sheree Kwong See is serving as the Alberta’s Seniors Advocate for a term spanning September 2016 to December 2019.

At the start of her appointment, the Advocate visited several Alberta communities to outline the roles and responsibilities of the Alberta Office of the Seniors Advocate (OSA). With her current term almost complete, she is returning to Alberta communities to provide a report to the community about the OSA’s advocacy work and to seek input from the community on the future directions of the OSA.

The OSA is mandated to 1) provide information and resolution support to senior Albertans and their families, and through this work to 2) identify trends and issues impacting seniors and make recommendations to government for improvements to programs and services.

In fulfilling its two-pronged role, since September 2016 the Office has opened over 3,200 client files to provide resolution support or document feedback on government programs and services (individual advocacy); and made recommendations to improve administrative operations and to address larger systemic issues (issues advocacy).

Fuller explanation of how the OSA has met its mandate is provided in the OSA annual reports and on the reports page of the OSA website: During presentations, Dr. Kwong See will summarize the advocacy work of the OSA for attendees and will seek input on the future directions of the OSA.

Presentation Dates and Locations

Everyone is invited to come and hear what the OSA has done to help Albertans and to give input on future directions. Input received will inform recommendations to the Minister about the OSA.