More about elder abuse

There are various definitions of elder abuse. The Government of Alberta defines elder abuse as any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the health or well-being of any older adult. Elder abuse can take several forms including financial, psychological or emotional, physical, sexual, neglect and medication abuse. Often more than one type of abuse occurs at the same time.

Learn about who to call if you are being abused or if you suspect a senior is being abused.

There is no mandatory reporting of elder abuse in Alberta except for those receiving care or support services from publicly funded service providers, such as: hospitals, seniors' lodges, nursing homes, mental health facilities, shelters, group homes, addictions treatment centres, many settings funded by the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program, and other supportive living settings. To report elder abuse for someone receiving care or services from publicly funded service providers contact Protection for Persons in Care.


The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse.

The Centre for Public Legal Education has created a website that provides information on elder abuse and the laws protecting seniors.