Functions of the Office of the Seniors Advocate

Information and Resolution Support:

  • Provide customized information and issues management support, including conflict resolution processes where appropriate, to inquiring seniors and their caregivers regarding government funded programs and services.
  • Maintain up to date knowledge and awareness of leading practices, systems and programs that impact seniors locally and globally.
  • Collaborate with the Mental Health Patient Advocate and the Health Advocate, as appropriate.

Public Assurance:

The Seniors Advocate will receive concerns from seniors and their caregivers regarding government funded supports and services and will:

  • Forward these concerns to the appropriate body or service area for follow-up and attention. This will include referrals under the Protection for Person’s in Care Act when appropriate.
  • Request as appropriate the inspection of provincial facilities including supportive living accommodations, long-term care accommodations, auxiliary hospitals, nursing homes or any place under the jurisdiction of an existing health authority or regional health authority as set out in applicable provincial legislation.
  • When other channels do not exist and when directed by the Minister, participate in or lead the review of specific concerns and report back to the Minister

Advice to Government:

  • Identify, analyse and make recommendations on trends and systemic issues that impact seniors.
  • Provide policy advice and programmatic guidance to the Minister regarding potential improvements to seniors programs and services based on insights and perspectives gained from interactions with seniors, families and caregivers.